We are working on the following proposals  
Proposed Annexation of Silverado Trail/Zinfandel Lane Site to the City of St. Helena

This application has been submitted by St. Helena. St. Helena proposes the annexation of one entire unincorporated parcel along with a portion of a second unincorporated parcel totaling approximately 100 acres. The affected territory is located northwest of the intersection of Silverado Trail and Zinfandel Lane and is owned and used by St. Helena to discharge treated wastewater from its adjacent sewer plant. The purpose of the annexation is to provide cost-savings to St. Helena by no longer paying property taxes. The affected territory is located outside St. Helena’s sphere, but is eligible for annexation under a special statute given it is owned and used by the City for municipal purposes. A map of the affected territory is available by clicking here.

Formation of the Villa Berryessa Water District

This application has been submitted by Miller-Sorg Group, Inc. The applicant proposes the formation of a new special district under the California Water District Act. The purpose in forming the new special district is to provide public water and sewer services to a planned 100-lot subdivision located along the western shoreline of Lake Berryessa. A tentative subdivision map for the underlying project has already been approved by the County. The County has conditioned recording the final map on the applicants receiving written approval from the United States Bureau of Reclamation to construct an access road and intake across federal lands to receive water supplies from Lake Berryessa. Based on their own review of the project, the Bureau is requesting a governmental agency accept responsibility for the construction and perpetual operation of the water and sewer systems serving the subdivision.


Updated October 9, 2012